EWake Boards

How long does it take to produce my custom design?

After the purchase process has been completed and the deposit has been paid, it will take approximately 6 weeks for your board to be ready. Each board is individually manufactured for you and built here in Germany.

How do I find out which model is right for me?

We have 3 product lines for you Pro, Fun and Race. We can adapt all other details that go beyond the three product lines to your individual needs*. (e.g. color or design of your board, up to your own picture on your board) *(surcharge)

What materials are used to construct a board?

Because quality is very important to us, we only use the best materials. The board is made of high-tech carbon fiber and is produced with CNC technology at the highest level.

Can I customize my board?

Yes, that's our specialty. There are 2 options: You can send us a photo or an image file. Let yourself be inspired by customer examples. Or: We can also adjust the board dimensions* - please contact us for access to the VIP area.(*for a surcharge)

Are there driving programs, e.g. beginners / advanced or cruising / speed?

Yes, there are riding programs and options for the boards. Before or after ordering, please contact the sales department by email or telephone. The driving modes are set before delivery.


All boards can also be ridden without fins.

Is it possible to get a second hand control for a board?

Yes, you can buy a reserve controller as an accessory. A pairing for a board only works for one controller. Two (or more) controllers cannot be operated in parallel in master-slave mode.

Can I combine regular and goofy standing positions?

Yes, on most boards. It depends on the selected foot straps.

upgrade program

Upgrades are for switching from one line to the other and are possible for 6 months from the date of purchase. Within the 6 months you can ride the first board and get the full purchase price credited to the new board. In addition, you get a 10% discount on the price of the new board. The upgrade option costs € 200.00. Example: You can buy Zeus, ride it for 6 months and within this period get the new price credited to the new board you want – e.g. a BEE. As a fee for the change and the wear and tear you pay a flat rate of € 200.00. If you are satisfied with the board, the fee paid will be forfeited after 6 months. The upgrade program is subject to various conditions. The upgrade program is not intended for commercial companies/individuals and the board must not have any major damage/defects when it is returned. We would be happy to provide you with more information on this if you are interested.


The board does not respond to the throttle.

Is the battery charged, is the battery connector plugged in correctly and is the speed controller connected to the board? The pairing must be carried out (for the first time) between the board and the handheld. Pressing the "On" button and the cruise control switch takes you to the pairing menu. Please refer to the instructions for details.

A jet has failed - what can I do?

This happens when: A) the battery has been driven almost empty - then a jet is switched off in order to come back with the remaining energy in slow speed. Or B) if the ventilation plug was not closed (!). On land, open the vent plug (next to the jets at the stern) and drain. After a short drying phase, the board is ready for use again. Do not forget to insert the ventilation plug (!).

Water got into the battery compartment. What should I do?

For boards with a battery compartment and battery compartment cover, simply tip the water out to the side and empty it out. The plugs in the battery compartment are waterproof. Attention: When changing the battery, there should be no water in the battery compartment before pulling the plug. The battery should also not be placed in the water without being connected.


Can I transport the board on the car luggage rack?

Yes, please note the roof load of the vehicle and do not lash the straps too tight. The board is made of lightweight GRP and/or carbon. The material is very hard and can break if the load is too high.

How long can the board lie in the sun?

The board should not be left in the sun for a long time. Otherwise the design may fade. The battery must also be protected from too much sunlight.

Can I swap the board?

We exchange boards within a class for a younger year of construction with a corresponding value adjustment. It is also possible to exchange boards for another class. Please contact our sales department. service@ewake-boards.com

Do I need to register with the Wasser-Schifffahrtsamt (Germany)

That depends on where you want to ride. If you want to sail on federal waterways in Germany, you need to register with the Water Shipping Office for each powered board. EWAKE will be happy to do this for you as a free service. For private lakes or rivers or for regional bodies of water, you only need permission from the owner/local authority.

Do I need a boat license for my board

You need a valid boat license for all boards from 15 hp. You can read everything about the different driving licenses in the Federal Waterways Act. When buying a board, EWAKE offers various discounts for interested parties. Just check our website or talk to the sales team.

Do you have the opportunity to get a boat license?

Not directly, but if you are a customer of EWAKE, we will be happy to support you with your driver's license - e.g. in the form of a voucher. Just email us at sales@ewake-boards.com

How do I care for my Ewakeboard

Care instructions are shipped with the board. The battery, board and attachments must be maintained and cared for before and after driving on the water.