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A helmet should be an integral part of your equipment unless you want to avoid obstacles altogether. Helmets are required in many facilities. A helmet with good hearing protection is advisable.

In contrast to the classic life jacket, the focus of the wakeboard vest is on protection against bruises and impacts.

The “competition vests” or impact protection vests only keep the wakeboarder afloat to a limited extent without their help.

The "Coast Guard Approved" life jackets, on the other hand, offer less comfort but maximum safety.

But when it comes to the impact protection vests themselves, the wakeboarder also has to decide which compromise to choose between comfort and impact protection.

Slip-on vests give the driver the impression that they are driving without a vest at all. But you have to make compromises when it comes to impact protection and putting them on and taking them off isn't easy at first. If they have a rubber band, you can

Vests with a front or side zip, the so-called front or side zip vests, are better padded.

The classic model of the "Front-Zip with Buckle Belt Vest" offers ultimate impact protection. Multiple buckles (buckles) provide additional support and prevent slipping.