BEE / the bee - small, agile and fast. The BEE offers demanding riders the perfect ride. Target group for this board are riders between 70 to 110 kg, who master the waterstart with a save speed.

  • With the powerful drive and the lightness of this 1.51 m short board you can take full advantage of the variability in the radii. Hardturns can be performed as easy as cool jumps - even without bigger waves. (checkout for Sascha's videos on youtube).
  • The BEE 's three electric jets offer the best power distribution to the board and maximum torque at the drivers command. The tail-area is designed with three jets even for good acceleration in turns. The power is up to 30 HP. The fun factor increases the more curvy the line, the more spectacular the jumps. No other board offers such uncompromising fun!
  • The rocker of the BEE is moderately high at the front and has a minimal V-line to allow light guidance during 360-slides. The necessary speed for the back-turn is no more influenced than necessary. The nose is kept wide and flat and offers enough power to keep the boards dynamic liftforce. The jets can easily be lifted in the back-move.
  • The overall slim rail-shape (width 0.61 m) for a funboard of this class ensures only little splashing water and is designed for best glide - even at higher speeds. (check our flow videos).
  • The smoothly raised edges and the narrow tail edge radii of the BEE and the BEE light ensure laminar and tight water-separation in the turns, especially in the tail area and only minimal vortices and air intake is avoided.
    Optimal adjustment of the angles can be realized in hardturns. The center of gravity due to the positioning of the battery directly under the rider's position supports handling and moves.
  • When using the FCSII-fins your Bee changes from the typical loose feeling to a linear-tail characteristic. The fins are FCS II (simply click in). 15° angle to the centerline and 5° tilt.
  • There is no better board with ultra-compact trim and excellent performance.
  • The full carbon hull can be ordered with cool "EWAKE" lettering in oilslik foiling.
  • Charging time of the 42 Ah battery to 85% is between 30 minutes and 2 hours (depending on the selected charging power and the cell-temperature).
  • Available Bindings: Goofy / Regular / pads only


The design of the board is customizable. If you choose "Custom-Design" in the options, we will contact you after the purchase!
Please contact us directly for deliveries outside Europe, Canada, USA and Russia: service@ewake-surf.com
Dimensions (in meter):
1,51 x 0,61 x 0,09
Frame / special strength:
Light Carbon / -
Weight in kg (with / without Battery):
22,5 kg / 29,0 kg
Number of Motors:
22 kW (30 PS)
Sporty cruising, Slalom, Freeride
Board shape:
Slalom short
Application area:
Rivers, Lakes, Beach, nice Gadget for Boats / Yachts
Driving skills:
advanced, Waterstart, easy handling
Battery indicator / Reserv function.:
Ja / 2-Jet-limping
Battery capacity / Drive Time:
42 Ah / ca. 40 Min.
Throttle / Safety:
WLAN Handheld / emergency-stop-leash

Personal Electric Wakeboards with Power – enjoy your free ride! All prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs, unless otherwise described.

All of this is included in the EWAKE package:
  • Board BEE, Fullcarbon-Hull with 3 brushless electric motors and battery indicator
  • Handels and Deckpads / Binding (depending on the configuration)
  • Battery: 1 or 2 Batteries depending on the ordered Configuration: 42 Ah
  • Charger: EWAKE Fastcharger (for 2 Batteries parallel) with max. 25A Charging current
  • Fins: 1 x Finset FCS II in Jet color
  • Trottle: Wireless Hand-Control regulator (incl. wireless Charger)
  • Manual: Instruction for use (E) fpr Board, Battery and Handheld
  • Admission and licence mark: as desired at no extra charge (only in Germany)
  • Boot mount: According to the arrangement (extra charge).

Shipping to all EU countries, Canada, USA and Russia. We deliver to other countries by prior arrangement, please contact us at service@ewake-boards.com. Delivery time approx. 11 days after order plus transport time DHL/forwarding agency.

Shipping costs within Germany:
  • For accessories and accessories (except batteries/rechargeable batteries) the shipping costs within Germany are 5,99 €.
  • For boards (weight incl. board, battery(ies) and packaging: approx. 45 kg) the shipping costs within Germany are 390,00 € (incl. transport box deposit 210€).

Shipping costs within the EU and Switzerland:
  • For accessories and accessories (except batteries/rechargeable batteries) the shipping costs within the EU are € 14,99 €.
  • For boards (weight incl. board, battery(ies) and packaging: approx. 45 kg) the shipping costs within the EU are 430,00 € (incl. transport box deposit 210€).

Shipping costs to Canada, USA and Russia:
  • Accessories and accessories are unfortunately not available outside the EU.
  • For boards (weight incl. board, battery(ies) and packaging: approx. 45 kg) the shipping costs to Canada, USA and Russia are 650,00 € (incl. transport box deposit 210€).

We also offer the possibility to pick up the boards at one of our three locations after prior arrangement. In this case there are no shipping costs. You can select the locations in the checkout.

We usually deliver via DHL or a shipping company of our choice. If the goods are not accepted by the carrier on the second delivery attempt, they will automatically be returned to EWAKE GERMANY GmbH.

Please note: The import to Switzerland is done by a customs agent. This agent charges: a) the customs duty for water sports articles (0,45 CHF per kilogram weight) as well as b) the handling fee of the Swiss customs in the amount of approx. 10,- to max. 25,- CHF The generally valid Swiss import tax (currently 8%) has to be paid by the buyer in Switzerland.

Super light

The boards of the Pro line are lightweights,
only 22 kg dry weight.
A great accessory for boats and yachts.

Absolute control

With the WLAN speed controller without cable with battery indicator and cruise control.


15hp or 30hp (3 x 7.5 kW): Experience the whirring of the electric jets and the extremely agile driving experience.


46 Ah and 50.4 V centered for ideal cornering center of gravity under the driver.


3 Jet philosophy and now new: With Rescue function, the plus in active safety.


From free battery exchange to ecological charging rates.