EWake Boards

How long does it take to produce my custom design?

After the purchase process is complete and the deposit is made, it takes approximately 11 days for your board to be ready.

How do I find out which model is the right one for me?

We have 3 product lines for you Pro, Fun and Race. All other details that go beyond the three product lines, we can adapt to your individual needs *. (e.g. color or design of your board, up to your own picture on your board) *(extra charge)

What materials are used in the construction of my board?

Because quality is very important for us, we use only the best materials.

Can I customize my board?

Yes, that's our specialty. There are 2 ways: You can send us a photo or an image file. Let us inspire you with customer examples. Or: We can also customize the board dimensions* - please contact us for access to the VIP area (*for an extra charge).

Are there driving programs for example beginner / advanced or cruising / speed?

Yes, there are driving programs and options for the boards. Please contact the sales department by mail or phone before or after ordering. The setting of the driving modes is done before delivery.

Do you have to drive with Finns?

All boards can also be ridden without fins.

Is it possible to get a second hand control for a board?

Yes, you can buy a spare controller in the accessories. However, pairing for a board only works for one controller. Two (or more) controllers cannot be connected in parallel (e.g. in master-slave mode for kids).

Can I combine regular and goofy standing position?

With most boards, yes. It depends on the selected footstraps. With the narrow variants (Diavolo, Comet, Bee light) this is not possible.

Upgrade Programm

Upgrades gehen zum Umstieg von einer auf die andere Linie und sind für 6 Monate ab Kaufdatum möglich. Innerhalb der 6 Monate kann man das erste Board fahren und bekommt den vollen Kaufpreis auf das neue Board angerechnet. Zusätzlich bekommt man 10 % Nachlass auf den Preis des neuen Boards. Die Upgrade-Option kostet € 200,--. Beispiel: Man kann Zeus kaufen, 6 Monate fahren und bekommt innerhalb dieses Zeitraums den Neupreis angerechnet auf das neue Wunsch-Board – z.B. eine BEE. Als Gebühr für den Wechsel und die Abnutzung zahlt man pauschal € 200,--. Falls man mit dem Board zufrieden ist, verfällt nach 6 Monaten die gezahlte Gebühr. Das Upgrade-Programm ist an verschiedene Bedingungen geknüpft. Das Upgrade-Programm ist nicht für gewerbliche Unternehmen / Personen bestimmt und das Board darf bei Rückgabe keine größere Schäden/Mängel haben. Hierzu informieren wir dich bei Interesse gern näher.


The board does not respond to the speed controller.

Is the battery charged, the battery plug correctly inserted and is the speed controller connected to the board? The pairing between board and handheld must be carried out (for the first time). By pressing the "On" button and the cruise control switch you enter the pairing menu. For details please have a look at the manual.

A jet is down - what can I do?

This happens when: A) the battery has been driven almost empty - then a jet is switched off to come back in slow speed with the remaining energy. Or B) if the ventilation plug has not been closed (!). On shore, open the vent plug (next to the jets at the stern) and drain. After a short drying period the board is ready for use again. Do not forget to insert the ventilation plug (!).

Water has gotten into the battery compartment. What to do?

For boards with a battery compartment and battery cover, simply dump water out the side and empty. The plugs in the battery compartment are waterproof. Attention: When changing the battery, there should be no water in the battery compartment before pulling out the plug. The battery should also not be placed in the water without being connected.


Can I transport the board on the car rack?

Yes, please note the roof load of the vehicle and do not tighten the straps too tightly. The board is made of lightweight GRP and/or carbon. The material is very hard and can break if the load is too high.

How long can the board be left in the sun?

The board should not be left in the sun for a long time. The design may otherwise fade.

Can I swap the board?

We exchange boards within a class for a younger year of construction with corresponding value compensation. A board exchange to another class is also possible. Please contact our sales department. service@ewake-boards.com

Do I need a registration at the Wasser-Schifffahrtsamt (Germany)

That depends on where you want to sail. If you want to sail on federal waterways in Germany, you need a registration with the Wasser-Schifffahrtsamt for each powered board. EWAKE will gladly do this for you as a free service. For private lakes or rivers or for regional waters you only need the permission of the owner / local authority.

Do I need a boating license for my board

You need a valid boat licence for all boards from 15 hp. You can read all about the various driving licences in the Federal Waterways Act. When buying a board, EWAKE offers various discounts for interested parties. Just check our website or talk to the sales team.

Do you have the possibility to get a boating license?

Not directly, but if you are an EWAKE customer, we would be happy to support you with your driving licence - e.g. in the form of a voucher. Just write us an email to sales@ewake-boards.com

How do I maintain my Ewakeboard

Care instructions are supplied with the board