About our batteries

EWAKE offers you special value in terms of sustainability and value retention with the EWAKE batteries. For the breathtaking riding experience of the purely electric wakeboards and for our zero emission vision, the batteries are key technology. At EWAKE we produce the batteries with the most modern soldering machines and use a special battery management system. We use the same cells that are used by Tesla and other car manufacturers and have to meet the highest standards.

This is how our service works

Battery service or winter storage in 4 easy steps.


Register the check procedure on the homepage, print out the procedure number and stick it on the battery.


Pack the battery well and send it to us with the process number. (State of charge maximum 30% / minimum 10%)


We check the battery and send a test report with repair cost plan or exchange proposal.


Depending on your wishes, we will arrange the further steps. (Ask for our free winter storage service!)

Battery Fair Value Program

When buying a new board, you decide: buy the battery with the board or sign up for the Fair Value Program with 0% leasing and a fixed buyback value for batteries! With this battery fair value program you can choose after 4 years: New battery in exchange without surcharge and continue program or pay residual value and keep battery.

This means with the value program: for the entire lifecycle of your board you always have fresh E-Power!

Exchange or upgrade

For long-time customers who are not yet in the Fair Value program, we offer a trade-in or upgrade alternative at an additional cost.

The offer is also available for the complete package board incl. battery. Please contact us via the contact form.